More Recycling, Fewer Landfills

mehr-recycling-weniger-muellkippeOne thing is clear: the European Union’s member states will be recycling more waste in the future, and dumping a whole lot less on landfills. These targets are laid down in the package of guidelines for the closed-cycle economy: the “Circular Economy Package” (CEP for short), about which the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament are currently negotiating. Only the details remain to be clarified: whereas parliament intends to lay down a target of 70 percent for recycling and the preparations for re-using municipal waste with a landfill quota of not more than five percent by 2030, the Commission’s proposals are less ambitious. The politicians all concur that they do not want to expand the use of waste incineration. Germany is largely reaching the ambitious quotas already. For example, disposing of untreated municipal waste on a landfill has here been prohibited since 2005.

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