Greener Shopping at “Prinzen Rolle” & Co.

Gratified to see more sustainable shopping: Maria Lempert, Branch Manager in Mülheim-Kärlich, Peter Gries, Press Spokesperson for Griesson – DeBeukelaer, Andreas Kappel, Sales Manager Food at Der Grüne Punkt (from the left).

In DeBeukelaer’s factory outlets, customers can do some sustainable shopping. Since the beginning of this year, Prinzen Rolle, Soft Cake and other delicious biscuits and confectioneries have been stowed in resource-economical shopping baskets bearing the Blue Angel. DeBeukelaer is thus taking another step forward in reducing environmental impact and saving on valuable resources, a cause embraced by the company for many years now. The material for the new sustainable shopping baskets comes from Der Grüne Punkt: they are made of recyclate from the Systalen brand, produced in Der Grüne Punkt’s plastics recycling factory in North Rhine-Westphalia from plastic waste obtained from the Yellow Sack. The Gies company from Niederaula near Fulda uses this material to manufacture the shopping baskets. This creates a special product that can now be found in all the factory outlets.