“Donate Your Deposit” Goes Mobile

trottwar-transporterReducing environmental impact and doing good at the same time: Stuttgart is now showing the way. The “Trott-war“ organization, following the success of “Donate your deposit” at Stuttgart Airport, has now extended the project into the city itself by means of a “Deposit Van”. Several companies have installed collection containers modeled on the airport projects, in which the deposit bottles can be donated. This means the valuable plastic doesn’t end up on the streets, and the deposits are used to fund welfare projects. The deposit goes to Trott-war, an organization that uses its street magazine to support socially disadvantaged former homeless persons and the long-term unemployed. With the Deposit Van, the organization and Der Grüne Punkt join forces to create jobs that offer a chance for re-integration into socially insured employment. Der Grüne Punkt serves in this project as a can-do partner. It organizes, free of charge, the collection modalities, accounting for the deposits, and, of course, the recycling of the bottles and cans concerned. In Stuttgart alone, a good 100,000 euros in deposits have thus already been collected, and 2.5 jobs created.

More about this under www.spendedeinpfand.de